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Drum motors and roller motors

General information about drum motors
The basic elements of the drum motors are: cylindrical housing, axle, stator mounted on a fixed axis; rotor attached to the housing, planetary gear. The tightly closed cage induction motor inside the drum ensures a compact design of the drum motors.

The main advantages of using drum motors instead of traditional geared motors are:

  • hermetic closed motor and gear inside the drum, which eliminates the likelihood of damage due to contamination
  • space-saving thanks to its compact design
  • increased safety of operation - the only rotating part is the drum
  • much easier installation
  • usually lower costs due to the lack of the need for additional gears and additional assembly elements
  • lower operating and supervision costs (drum motors maintenance-free or with oil change after 10,000 hours of operation)
  • high drive transmission efficiency (up to 97%)
  • easy to keep clean
  • the possibility of making the conveyor entirely of stainless steel (in traditional motors, the gearmotor casing is made of either ordinary structural steel or aluminum alloys)
  • greater aesthetics of the conveyor (the drive unit and transmission are not visible)
  • quiet work


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